The Light Switch


The Light Switch is a collaborative project that collectively took over 3 and a 1/2 years. It is the connection of four pieces I completed, byusing 5 inch panels that I illustrated, to join each piece end to end. These pieces are Insouciant Slaughter, Pipe Dream, Jawbreaker Choctaw, and Willameana and Her Band of Scary Men. I also had to create panels below some of the pieces to make the height consistent as well. Overall, the original work together is 30 inches tall, by 100 inches wide (8 feet).

The revelation of joining the 4 pieces came after all four were completed, so you can still roughly make the distinction where one piece ends and the next begins, especially if you stand back. It can easily be debated whether it was created all at once or the connection was an afterthought. If you look close, one can easily get lost for a time examining the whole piece and its continuity from one end to the other. The Light Switch is full of colorful images, characters and scenery that tells a plethora of stories.